How It Works & FAQ

Newent Golf Club & Lodges

Coldharbour Lane

Newent, Gloucestershire

GL18 1DJ

Tel: 01531 820478



1.  Choose a piece of blank pottery from our wide range.

2. Get a quick run through from us on how to get started.

3. Get painting!  Don’t worry if you’re not massively artistic, we have stamps you can use and also some books to give you inspiration if needed.  Young children can do lovely pieces with finger or hand-prints with your help.

4. When you’ve finished, leave your piece with us around 1 week and we will glaze and fire it in our kiln and then you can collect the finished piece!


Do I have to book?

Yes please, even if you just give us a quick ring before you come.  We may have a private party booked in and would hate to turn anyone away.  

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on which piece of pottery you chose.  Our prices are extremely reasonable. Please see the Cost section above. 

Does it matter that I’m terrible at art?!

Not at all!  Pottery Painting is for everyone and you’d be surprised how nice your piece will look after it’s been glazed and fired by us.

Can my finished piece be used in the microwave/dishwasher?

We wouldn’t recommend this. Like any piece of ceramic it could get damaged and because you’ve taken the time to design it we would suggest washing up by hand.

How long does it take to paint a piece?

The amount of time it takes to paint a piece varies from person to person but roughly an hour and a half. 

Can I book a party?

Yes you can!  Please see our party section above. 

My finished pottery isn’t perfect, why?

Please remember everything is handmade, from what you do, to what we do when we hand glaze and fire it. As a result minor imperfections can occur.